Relative Values

Mon 6 Jul 2009 to Sat 11 Jul 2009
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium

A delightful comedy set in 1951, Noël Coward’s masterpiece highlights a collision between Hollywood and the stiff-upper-lip of England’s aristocracy against the background of society’s perception of the differences between the social classes. Havoc reigns when Nigel, the son of the Countess of Marshwood, announces his engagement to a Hollywood actress – to the absolute horror of his mother, the Dowager Countess, and the servants of the house.

In the best Coward tradition, Relative Values lets the chaos escalate from one comic moment to the next. All is held together at the end by the alliance of the Countess and the butler, both dedicated to the status quo. This production marks the 10th Anniversary of HHP and the Noel Coward Society.

Production Photos: 
Frederick Crestwell
Mrs Dora Moxton (Moxie)
Felicity Countess of Marshwood
Cynthia Lady Hayling
Peter Ingleton
Admiral Sir John Hayling
Nigel Earl of Marshwood
Miranda Frayle
Don Lucas
Production Team & Crew: 
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Set Design
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Set Painter
Set Painter
Lighting Design
Lighting Crew
Lighting Crew
Sound Design
The "Molyneux"
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