Roger Smith

Cast Credits

Sir Thomas Boleyn Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies June 2019
Sir John Seymour Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies June 2019
Cooper A Month of Sundays March 2018
Magistrate, Hedgehog Herbert The Wind in the Willows December 2017
Robert Proof June 2015
Professor Robert Linden The Linden Tree June 2014
James Chesterman Tons of Money June 2013
William Humpage A Penny for a Song July 2011
Robert Saveur Revolutionary Witness September 2010
Sir Walter Raleigh Miss In Her Teens / The Critic (Act 2) April 2009
George Talbot Mary Stuart September 2008
Antonio Twelfth Night January 2008
Lord August Lorton (Tuppy) Lady Windermere's Fan October 2006
Geoffrey Jackson Absurd Person Singular April 2005

Production Team & Crew Credits

Director Present Laughter March 2012
Set Build A Penny for a Song July 2011
Director A Voyage Round My Father July 2010
Director Relative Values July 2009
Director A Letter of Resignation October 2005
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