French Twist

Adapted by Matthew Ryan
Two fabulously frenzied French farces
Sun 2 Jul 2017 to Sat 8 Jul 2017
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium
“Naughty old fashioned fun!”
“Excellent comedy timing, very entertaining”
“Well executed, traditional farce with a modern twist”

Jailbird – an already complicated love triangle between a doctor, his wife and her lover, becomes even more confusing upon the arrival of another suitor. Disturbingly, he matches the exact description of a wanted murderer.

The Coal Seller Affair – two old school chums are painfully hungover and missing a few personal items. But when their belongings are discovered at the scene of a heinous crime, their day gets a whole lot worse.

An amateur production by special arrangement with Kubler Auckland Management
Production Photos: 
Lemercier + Lenglume
Taupinier + Mistingue
Plumard + Justin
Debruchard + Potard
Pepita + Norine
Production Team & Crew: 
Producer and Stage Manager
Construction Manager
Scenic Artist
Set Construction and Make-up
Sound Designer
Artistic Link
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