Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies

Adapted for the stage by Mike Poulton
Treachery, politics and intrigue at the court of King Henry VIII
Sat 22 Jun 2019 to Sat 29 Jun 2019
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium

The year is 1527. King for almost 20 years, Henry has no male heir. While Catherine is determined to remain Queen, Henry obsesses about replacing her with a wife who can give him a son.  In a highly dangerous and politically charged Court, this could be a golden opportunity for a man with the right talents. Enter Thomas Cromwell…

Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies - two stand-alone plays being performed on alternate nights:

Saturday 22nd June:      2.00 pm (Wolf Hall) and 7.00 pm (Bring up the Bodies)

Sunday 23rd June:          2.00 pm (Wolf Hall) and 7.00 pm (Bring up the Bodies)

Monday 24th June:        No performance

Tuesday 25th June:        7.45 pm (Wolf Hall)

Wednesday 26th June:  7.45 pm (Bring up the Bodies)

Thursday 27th June:      7.45 pm (Wolf Hall)

Friday 28th June:            7.45 pm (Bring up the Bodies)

Saturday 29th June:      2.00 pm (Wolf Hall) and 7.00 pm (Bring up the Bodies)

An amateur production by arrangement with Nick Hern Books Ltd
Thomas Cromwell
King Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Wolsey / Warham / Kingston
Katherine of Aragon
Jane Seymour
Thomas More / Henry Norris
Stephen Gardiner / Chapuys
Duke of Norfolk
Duke of Suffolk
Thomas Boleyn / John Seymour
Jane Boleyn
Liz Wyckes
Mary Boleyn / Mary Shelton
Lady Worcester
Christophe / Francis Weston
Marjorie Seymour
Princess Mary
Production Team & Crew: 
Production Manager
Production Assistant
Stage Manager
Set Design
Original Music
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