The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

Sat 5 Dec 2009 to Sat 12 Dec 2009
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium

“A long time ago – in the days when dragons were still common – there lived a Duke”. So begins this delightful comedy fantasy where you’ll meet knights such as Sir Digby Vayne-Trumpington, Sir Percival Smothely-Smoothe and Sir Oblong fitz Oblong. When Sir Oblong is sent to slay a ravaging dragon, he finds himself against the crooked Baron Bolligrew and an evil wizard.

This Christmas presentation of Bolt’s great children’s classic will appeal to children and adults of all ages.

Production Photos: 
Storyteller's Assistant, Peasant 2
The Duke, Peasant 3
First Knight, Obidiah Bobblenob, Peasant 4
Sir Digby Vane-Trumpington, Mike Magpie
Sir Graceless Strongbody, Peasant in Court & 1, Mazeppa
Sir Percival Smoothely-Smoothe
Sir Oblong fitz Oblong
Juniper, Captain, Peasant 5, Secretary, Corporal, Cook, Man at Arms
Jasper, 15th Baron Bolligrew
Squire Blackheart
Men at Arms
Lord Mayor
Dr Moloch
The Dragon
Production Team & Crew: 
Production Assistant, Set Design and Build, Lighting Design
Stage Manager and Set Build
Stage Crew
Stage Crew
Stage Crew
Set Build and Lighting Crew
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Lighting Crew
Sound Design
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