The Country Wife

Wycherley’s celebrated Restoration comedy of manners
Sun 26 Jan 2014 to Sat 1 Feb 2014
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium
“Very funny with good comic timing”
“Beautiful costumes and wonderful performances”
“Very high quality production, well directed with fantastic costumes”

England, 1675 – relaxed after the restrictive Commonwealth years; theatres have re-opened, and Puritanism has been replaced by licentiousness. Harry Horner has devised a cunning plan to allow him free access to females by pretending to be a eunuch. Jack Pinchwife has married a young, innocent country girl, and brought her to London: mistake No. 1, and there are more to follow!

Come and see what happens next, and how Horner seduces not only her, but other ladies as well, who are not necessarily unwilling!


Production Photos: 
Sir Jaspar
The Quack
The Boy
Margery Pinchwife
Lady Fidget
Lady Squeamish
Mrs Dainty Fidget
Old Lady Squeamish
Production Team & Crew: 
PA, Assistant Director and Props
Stage Manager
Lighting Design, Operation and Rigging
Lighting Operation and Rigging
Lighting Rigging
Hair Styling
Hair Styling Assistant and ASM
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