The Accrington Pals

How WWI changed the lives of ordinary people...forever
Sun 2 Oct 2011 to Sat 8 Oct 2011
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium
“Extremely well done”
“It was very interesting to see the woman's point of view”
“Very, very moving”

At the outbreak of the First World War, in towns across Britain, young men volunteered en masse, to form what became known as ‘Pals’ Battalions’. Tragically, the scale of casualties in the trenches meant that millions of these friends were never to return.

This is the powerful and poignant story of one such battalion; the men who unwittingly marched into hell and the women they left behind.
An amateur production by arrangement with Samuel French Limited.
Production Team & Crew: 
Stage Manager
Stage Crew
Stage Crew
Set Design
Set Design
Set Build
Set Build
Lighting Design
Lighting Design Assistant
Sound Design
Hair and Make-up
Rehearsal Prompt and Dialect Coach
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