Straight and Narrow

Sun 6 Jun 2010 to Sat 12 Jun 2010
Hampton Hill Theatre: Coward Studio
A warm and moving exploration of not-so-well-hidden secrets and deep personal and familial love. Bob and Jeff are partners in a kitchen business, who also happen to be partners in a same sex relationship. While this is painfully obvious to most of the members of Bob’s family, his possessive and dominating mother, Vera, appears to be unaware of the relationship and is always prompting him to find a ‘nice girl and settle down’. Of course, Bob’s not the only one with problems; his sisters and their respective ‘others’ contribute their fair share of hurdles to Bob’s desired harmonic state, as he privately escorts the audience on a journey that explores, with witty familiarity, the pathos and humour that make up everyday family life.
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