Miss In Her Teens / The Critic (Act 2)

Sun 19 Apr 2009 to Sat 25 Apr 2009
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium

Miss In Her Teens
This appears to be the first airing by TTC of a play by Hampton’s renowned resident, David Garrick (d. 1779). Miss In Her Teens is a Melodrama, with strong elements of farce. We meet a wilful young girl who has taken suitors in the absence of her soldier beau, just when he happens to come home to wed her. Calamity! How is she to rid herself of the unwanted others? Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of her Confidante and her husband. This is a delightful romp, which we are sure you will enjoy.

The Critic (Act 2)
You’ve probably not been to a rehearsal of a play: well, you can now, as we transport you to “The Spanish Armada”, written by one Mr. Puff. No, you won’t have heard of him in the context of Great British Dramatists, since his play is – well – mediocre (and that’s being kind to him). The actors think so too, as they keep cutting bits out, without telling him. The two Critics whom Puff has brought along to watch the rehearsal frequently interject, as does Puff, and the result is a hilarious send-up of theatre, with some ludicrous dialogue and situations.

Production Photos: 
Captain Lovett
Miss Biddy
Mr Puff
Mrs Dangle
Mr Sneer
Mr Hopkins
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Christopher Hatton
The Earl of Leicester
The Governor of the Fort
The Master of the House
A Sentinal / A Constable
Tilburina's Confidante
Don Whiskerandos
Lord Burleigh
The Justice
The Justice's Lady
The Son / A Niece
A Second Niece
A Beefeater
Production Team & Crew: 
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Stage Manager and Set Build
Stage Crew
Stage Crew
Set Build and Lighting Crew
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build and Sound Crew
Lighting Crew
Sound Design
Pyrotechnic Operator
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