A Penny for a Song

Napoleon faces a citizen army in this riotous yet tender comedy
Sun 3 Jul 2011 to Sat 9 Jul 2011
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium
“A brilliantly acted play highlighting British eccentricity at its best”
“Great costumes, set and lighting”
“A really high quality production”

England beware, invasion is imminent! It is 1804 and Napoleon Bonaparte is poised to add our Island to his European Empire. But, fear not, Sir Timothy Bellboys has a cunning plan to thwart the French Emperor with the help of fearless volunteers, all ready and willing (although perhaps not necessarily able).

This superlative play, dating from 1951, is a classic English comedy – farcical, ludicrous and jingoistic, but also warm and charming with thought-provoking ideas on love and war.

Production Photos: 
William Humpage
Sir Timothy Bellboys
Samuel Breeze
Lamprett Bellboys
Hester Bellboys
Dorcas Bellboys
Hallam Matthews
Edward Sterne
George Selincourt
James Giddy
Rufus Piggot
Jane Nightwork
Rev. Joseph Brotherhood
Production Team & Crew: 
Stage Manager
Stage Crew
Set Design and Lighting Design
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Set Build
Fire Appliance Construction
Lighting Crew
Sound Design and Operating
Sound Design and Operating
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