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Mon 29 Apr 2019

Reading:                      Sunday 2nd June, 6.00 pm, Auditorium, Hampton Hill Theatre
Audition:                     Sunday 16th June, 6.00 pm, Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre
Performance Dates:  Saturday 28th September – Friday 4th October 2019 (Auditorium)

Daisy Pulls It Off by Denise Deegan
Directed by Clare and Wesley Henderson Roe

What Larks!

This ripping Girls Own yarn will tug at the heartstrings of those with fond memories of such annuals yet still appear fresh to those too young to remember them.

It is 1927 and a forward thinking small private girls school decides to take in a scholarship girl for the first time. Not everyone at the school, including some members of staff, are convinced of the efficacy of this policy. Indeed, several of the girls plot to get this new bug – Daisy – removed by hook or by crook.

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Sun 24 Mar 2019

Reading:                       Sunday 12th May, 6.00 pm, Foyer, Hampton Hill Theatre
Audition:                      Sunday 19th May, 6.00 pm, Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre
Performance Dates:   Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st September 2019 (Coward Studio)

Marvin’s Room
Directed by Eirin Compton

Marvin’s Room is a funny and witty play about two sisters who have chosen two very different lives miles apart but must come together when Bessie becomes unable to care for their ailing father and pain-ridden aunt. Bessie’s sister, Lee, arrives with her own toils in the form of her sons, Hank, recently released from a mental institution and Charlie who just gets on with the life he has been given. Both women are strong willed and compassionate, albeit about different things.

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Mon 28 Jan 2019

Reading:                          Sunday 24th February, 6.00 pm, Foyer, Hampton Hill Theatre
Audition:                         Sunday 3rd March, 6.00 pm, Auditorium, Hampton Hill Theatre
Performance Dates:      Sunday 9th June – Saturday 15th June 2019 (Coward Studio)

A Visit from Miss Prothero & An Englishman Abroad by Alan Bennett
Directed by Jenny Hobson

Recently retired, widower Arthur Dodsworth is living quietly and relatively happily with his memories and in the company of his budgie Millie.  Happily, that is, until he has an unwelcome visitor in the shape of his ex-secretary Miss Prothero - a vindictive woman who takes pride in putting people down.

Characteristically Alan Bennett uses a fusion of humour and pathos to turn our laughter to tears in a short but compelling piece of theatre.

• Arthur Dodsworth: mid sixties

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Thu 27 Dec 2018

Reading:                          Sunday 10th February, 6.00 pm, Foyer, Hampton Hill Theatre
Audition:                         Sunday 17th February, 6.00 pm, Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre
Performance Dates:     Saturday 18th May – Friday 24th May 2019 (Auditorium)

Handbagged by Moira Buffini
Directed by Ben Clare

Moira Buffini’s Olivier Award-winning 2013 West End play Handbagged takes us back to the 1980s and imagines the drama that takes place at the weekly meetings at the palace between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher. Both sharp-witted and straight-talking, it’s no surprise that they didn’t always see eye to eye.

The play is wonderfully theatrical and reminds us of an incredible period in British history. It’s a funny and insightful play, which also highlights what it’s like to be a woman in power surrounded by men, featuring fantastic meaty roles.

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Thu 22 Nov 2018

Readings:                   Wolf Hall - Sun 6th Jan 2019, 6.00 pm, Foyer
                                     Bring up the Bodies - Sun 13th Jan 2019, 6.00 pm, Foyer

Audition:                     Sun 3rd Feb 2019, 2.00 pm, Coward
Performance Dates:  Sat 22nd June – Fri 28th June 2019 (Auditorium)

Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, adapted by Mike Poulton
Directed by Sally Halsey

Adapted from the two novels of the same name by Hilary Mantel, these two stand-alone plays were originally produced by the RSC in 2013 and transferred to the West End in 2014.  To date, we are the only company (professional or amateur) other than the RSC to attempt performing both plays together.


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