The Cat's Meow - Reading and Audition Notice

Reading:    Sunday 20th November 2016, 6.00 pm (Yardley Room, Hampton Hill Theatre)

Audition:   Sunday 27th November 2016, 6.00 pm (Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre)

Performance Dates:  Sunday 12th March - Saturday 18th March 2017 (Auditorium)


The Cat’s Meow by Steven Peros

Director:  Fiona Smith

Based on the true story of a notorious roaring 20’s Hollywood death.  Join us for a weekend party on board millionaire WR Hearst’s luxury yacht. Hot jazz, movie stars, intrigue, seduction, corruption, prohibition booze, drugs and murder.



William Randolph Hearst          50s/60s Millionaire media mogul

Thomas Ince                                30s/40s. Silent film pioneer and studio mogul

Marion Davies                             20s/30s. Silent movie star & Hearst’s mistress

Charlie Chaplin                           30s. British internationally famous silent movie star

Elynor Glyn                                   40s-60s. Novelist

Louella Parsons                          30s/40s. Movie reviewer and gossip columnist

Margaret Livingstone                 20s/30s. Movie actress & Ince’s mistress

Dr. Goodman                               40s/50s. Executive to Hearst Enterprises

Mrs. Goodman                            30s/40s. Conservative wife of Dr. G

Joseph Willicome                       30s/40s. Hearst’s private secretary

George Thomas                         30s/40s. Ince’s business manager and friend

Cecilia                                          Teens/20s. Flapper, actress, party girl

Didi                                               Teens/20s. Flapper, actress, party girl


Fiona Smith



Contact Details:  To get in touch with the director before the Reading/Audition, please use the Contact page of this website and your message will be forwarded.

NOTE:   We have an open casting policy:  anyone can audition for our productions and, if cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member. 


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