Teechers - Reading and Audition Notice

Reading:                         Sunday 1st March 2020, 6.00 pm, Foyer, Hampton Hill Theatre
Audition:                         Sunday 8th March 2020, 12.00 pm, Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre
Performance Dates:      Sunday 14th June – Saturday 20th June (Coward Studio)

Teechers by John Godber
Directed by Asha Gill 

Teechers is a play within a play, performed at Whitewall High School… which we will be performing in the Coward Room at Hampton Hill Theatre. It is a homage to the drama teacher, Mr Harrison, who is being portrayed as Mr Nixon.  Salty, Hobby and Gail play all the parts themselves, and sometimes within the same lines, switch characters to portray all the roles listed below. Mr Nixon is a new teacher, who changes and touches the lives of the three students but soon leaves for the much more attractive Saint George’s School next door.


Salty (M) Also plays Mr Nixon, Pete Saxon, Oggy Moxon, Mr Fisher, Mr Hatton, Deanie

Gail (F) Also plays Ms Whitham, Oggy Moxon, Mr Basford, Miss Prime, Barry Wobscall, Dennis, Dough, Mrs Coates

Hobby (F) Miss Parry, Ms Jones, Mr Basford, Ron, Piggy Patterson, Oggy Moxon, Mrs Clifton

As you can see there are characters played that are shared among the actors. So it’s a very character-driven piece, leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready to be silly. These characters play school children and teachers, so age is less important than your ability to create characters and snap in and out of them. It’s a three-hander, and I would prefer to keep it that way, but if there are certain characters you would like to play, not necessarily confined to the actors, then please make a note of them at the reading, as we can try to be flexible with casting.

All of these characters are completely different to each other and it should be challenging and fun for the actor to play different people.

This piece relies on everyone in it, and for this reason we will tailor the rehearsals to everybody’s calendar. If thinking about auditioning, keep in mind any dates you can’t do, and put them all on the form. We will be warming up every rehearsal and generally having lots of fun being stupid. 

For further info or an advanced copy of the audition piece, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Asha Gill

Contact Details:  To get in touch with the director before the Reading/Audition, please use the Contact page of this website and your message will be forwarded.

NOTE:   We have an open casting policy:  anyone can audition for our productions and, if cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member.

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