Proof - Reading and Audition Notice

Reading:    Sunday 8th March, 6.00 pm (Foyer, Hampton Hill Playhouse)

Audition:   Sunday 15th March, 6.00 pm (Coward Studio, Hampton Hill Playhouse)

Performance Dates:  Sunday 14th June – Saturday 20th June 2015 (Coward Studio)


Proof by David Auburn

Directed by Eirin Compton

A Pulitzer Prize winning equation of relationships, trust, love and despair



Catherine spent years caring for her unstable father Robert, a genius maths professor. After his death she struggles to come to terms with the likelihood that she’s inherited his illness. She must also juggle her estranged sister’s arrival plus the intentions of Hal, a former student of Robert’s. Will Hal find some paradigm-shifting proof in Robert’s notebooks and can he be trusted with them? And can he be trusted with Catherine?
Contains some strong language.



Catherine (20-30) Intelligent mathematics student who dropped out of college to spend the past few years isolated with her mentally ill father in Chicago.  She uses sarcasm and wit to hide her vulnerability and fears that she has inherited her father’s illness as well as his brilliance.

Robert (55+) Catherine’s father. Brilliant mathematics professor who left teaching and research due to developing a mental illness.  Seen as very in touch with reality but also a man lost in his illness.

Claire (30-40) Catherine’s older sister. A sophisticated, educated professional, both decisive and practical, she plans for Catherine to move to New York after assuming that Catherine has inherited her father’s illness.  Feels responsible for Catherine and somewhat guilty for leaving her with Robert.

Hal (20-30) One of Robert’s students. Highly regards Robert as a teacher and mathematician, even after his illness.  Prone to leaping without looking, he is into music and slightly quirky, but fun and good hearted.


We are also looking for all the usual crew (lighting, sound, stage management, wardrobe etc.) so if you are interested in any of those, please get in touch.

Eirin Compton



Anyone wanting to find out more about the play is welcome to contact the director, Eirin Compton.

Contact Details:  To get in touch with the director before the Reading/Audition, please use the Contact page of this website and your message will be forwarded.

NOTE:   We have an open casting policy:  anyone can audition for our productions and, if cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member. 


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