Marvin's Room - Reading and Audition Notice

Reading:                       Sunday 12th May, 6.00 pm, Foyer, Hampton Hill Theatre
Audition:                      Sunday 19th May, 6.00 pm, Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre
Performance Dates:   Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st September 2019 (Coward Studio)

Marvin’s Room
Directed by Eirin Compton

Marvin’s Room is a funny and witty play about two sisters who have chosen two very different lives miles apart but must come together when Bessie becomes unable to care for their ailing father and pain-ridden aunt. Bessie’s sister, Lee, arrives with her own toils in the form of her sons, Hank, recently released from a mental institution and Charlie who just gets on with the life he has been given. Both women are strong willed and compassionate, albeit about different things.

All characters have a set playing age apart from Doctor Wally, Bob, Doctor Charlotte and the retirement home director. Although they are ‘ageless’ the time the characters would have spent earning their qualifications matter so 30 and over.


Bessie (F) 40s.  Bessie has been caring for her father since he had a stroke 20 years ago and has herself been diagnosed with leukaemia.  She still has a sunny outlook on life and tries to come to terms with the life she has chosen to live. The typical caregiver, putting herself last.

Lee (F) 30-40s. Bessie’s younger sister.  Lee made her choice to move far away when Marvin had his stroke and is a single mother to two teenage boys.  She is a no-nonsense talker with a hard shell but a soft centre.

Hank (M) Late teens.  Recently released from a mental institution for committing arson.  He is struggling to connect to his mother and never really knew his father.  A wayward teen who just needs some care and guidance.

Ruth (F) 70s. Marvin’s sister and Bessie and Lee’s aunt.  Her health slowly declining and she is ‘always in pain’.  Her electrical implant that manages the pain also happens to work the garage door. Very sweet but getting a bit fluffy around the edges.

Charlie (M) Early/mid teens.  Charlie is often in his unruly brothers shadow, but has settled there and waiting for his time to shine.

Doctor Wally (M) A doctor in a run-down medical centre. Very calm natured and casually working out his days till retirement.

Bob (M).  Doctor Wally’s brother and receptionist at the medical centre.  Doesn’t know much about medicine, doesn’t know that much about being a receptionist either.

Doctor Charlotte (F) Hank’s mental health doctor.

Retirement home director (M/F).  Just wants to get a paying costumer.

Marvin (M) 70s.  May not be cast, non-speaking, hardly moving, mainly offstage part.


If you would like any further information, please contact me.

Eirin Compton

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