Lilies on the Land - Reading and Audition Notice

Reading:                           Sunday 4th November, 6.00 pm, Foyer, Hampton Hill Theatre

Audition:                          Sunday 18th November, 6.00 pm, Coward Suite, Hampton Hill Theatre

Performance Dates:      Sunday 3rd March – Saturday 9th March 2019 (Coward Studio)


Lilies on the Land by the Lions part

Directed by Linda Sirker

A revealing, funny and wonderfully moving portrait of four women who sign up to join the Women’s Land Army during World War II.

Based on 150 letters and interviews with original Land Girls, along with songs from the period, Lilies on the Land charts the personal journeys of four women who join the Women's Land Army – determined to work endless backbreaking hours on farms across the country in a bid to do their best for the war effort.

But how do these women, all hailing from different walks of life, torn from their families and bereft of all basic home comforts, deal with the hardships of farming life and the pressures of war? Maybe work clothes full of mice and toilet rolls falling from the sky are just what it takes for these girls to get through…


Margie:   From Newcastle, accent required

Peggy:   From the East End of London, Cockney 

Poppy:   From Oxfordshire, privileged 

Vera:      No area given, a bit of a loner

Age range for all four girls is 25-35 and you will be required to play 28 characters who pop up through the story.


Linda Sirker



Contact Details:  To get in touch with the director before the Reading/Audition, please use the Contact page of this website and your message will be forwarded.

NOTE:   We have an open casting policy:  anyone can audition for our productions and, if cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member. 


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